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Disposition of Inventory Items

Town of Huron
Policy - Disposition of Inventory Items


It is the policy of the Town of Huron that all inventory items including but not limited to office furnishings, machines and equipment, having a value of more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) at the time of removal or replacement, shall first be subject to public auction for Town of Huron property owners.


A public information notice shall be given of the item(s) placed at auction at least five (5) days before the bidding period begins:  (1) by advertisement in the newspaper used by the Town for official notices; (2) by public notice posted at the Town Hall and (3) posted on the Town's web page -  The bidding period shall be ten (10) calendar days.


A.  The public information notice shall include:

1. A name/description of the item(s) with an identification number for each item; i.e. File Cabinet/four drawer,

    black - #1001
2. The condition of the item(s); i.e. excellent, good, fair, poor
3. Estimated fair market value of each item, if established.
4. The place and times the item(s) may be inspected.
5. The date the bidding period begins and ends.

B.  All bids during the bidding period must be submitted to the Town Clerk in a sealed envelope and must contain all of the following information:

1. Full name and address of the bidder.
2. E-mail address if available.
3. The name and identification number of the item(s).
4. The bid amount.

C. The business day following the close of the bidding period, all bids received will be opened in the presence of a witness and recorded by the Town Clerk.  The award will go to the highest bidder provided the bid is not below the reserved price.  In the event there is no acceptable bid, the Town Board may at its discretion keep the item(s) or dispose of the item(s) in whatever manner it deems appropriate.


D. The award will be posted on the Town's web page ( with notification sent to the successful bidder by e-mail address (if provided) or U.S. mail.  The successful bidder will have ten (10) days from the date of notification to make payment of the bid amount to the Town of Huron, and pick up the item(s).   Items will not be held longer than ten (10) days from the date of notificatiion.  In the event of no response or failure to pick up the item(s) within ten (10) days of notification, the award will go to the next highest bidder according to the provisions of paragraph (C) above.