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Town of Huron - Chimney Bluffs
Looking east the Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario, with East Bay in view, create just one of the spectacular views in the Town of Huron. Photos of Chimney Bluffs courtesy of Christopher Kenyon.

Things You Should Know About the Town of Huron

Population densities of the Town of Huron are for the most part found around the water, there being three embayments in the town which is also bordered on the north by Lake Ontario.  Our town is unique in that it offers the benefits and enjoyment of extensive public waterways and resort facilities and properties, while remaining otherwise rural in nature and predominantly farm country.   Like many rural areas, there is no town center, and in our case, not even the typical post office and general store.


The Town of Huron is situated in Wayne county.  There are three post office facilities serving the Town of Huron.  Depending on the location of the property or residence, rural delivery is made by the Wolcott Post Office - zip code 14590 and by the North Rose Post Office - zip code 14516.   The Alton Post Office - zip code 14413, does not provide delivery but makes post office boxes available.  The school district for the town is the North Rose, Wolcott School District.


The topography of our town is rolling hills, tracks of wooded areas interspersed over acre upon acre of open land, crop fields, orchards and pasture land.  This characteristic does not easily lend itself to the development of public service and infrastructure such as water and wastewater treatment.  Most properties still depend on private wells for water and septic systems for waste treatment, although there has been significant progress in the past few years to make public water and wastewater treatment facilities available to populated areas.


If you are considering moving to this area, it is very important that you know and understand that agriculture, farming is an essential and integral part of who we are and what we do.  Consequently, the residents, with our local town government encourage and support agricultural activity. You will find a variety of farming activity and production throughout the area - including but not limited to crop, fruit, dairy and livestock farms.  While we encourage and promote sound agricultural practice, working in harmony with the environment, you should be aware that the very nature of farming includes activities that cause noise, dust and odors - these things come with the territory, part of who we are.


Town of Huron - Chimney Bluffs
Town of Huron - Port Bay
Town of Huron - Port Bay